Tools for Working with Beeswax Products

Tools for working with beeswax products. Brushes, applicator pads, blend stations and other tools.

Featherline Brushes were created to improve upon what was "out there" specifically to service the chalk & wax paint market. After researching what was wrong with existing brushes, a good friend of ours had these brushes custom engineered to create a better brush. After trying these brushes out....applying our own finishes to woods and leathers, we found them to be superior brushes, and amazingly handy to have around! Easy to use, easy to maintain....these brushes deserve a spot on your workbench!

  • Highest Quality:  100% Natural pure boar bristle with wood handles
  • Minimum Bristle Loss:  Custom engineered ferrule with larger adhesive surface area and industrial-grade epoxy for maximum bristle retention.
  • Ergonomic Design:  Extended handles have been designed to fit all-size hands comfortably, reducing fatigue for all project types.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee:   Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty included.

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