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Skidmore's Fine Beeswax Products

Skidmore’s is a small, family business that was started in Laramie, Wyoming back in the late 1980's, but the roots go back much farther.  Vince spent his teen years helping with his family's antique business...stripping, repairing and refinishing wood furniture...so he was inspired to create a simple, non-toxic, and easy to use wood finish.   The Leather Cream came about because he needed something to treat his own boots and just wasn't happy with what was on the market at that time.  He mixed the ingredients up in a coffee can and swears he never had to change a thing....he calls it "a gift from the universe."   Well, time has marched on and the Skidmore's products have made their way around the country and the globe...passed on and advertised simply by word of mouth.


People in the Skidmore's shop

We shifted our lives and the business up to Port Townsend, Washington in 2011.  Vince still produces all the products in small batches, by hand, and we still hand label, package, and ship daily to customers all over the country. Our business philosophy is simple; make good products that work and are safe and pleasant to use, and take care of our customers.

Vincent and Susan

If you call Skidmore’s, you’ll either get Vince or Susan on the line. If we have our hands full,  or have decided to take a few hours off, you’ll get our answering machine.  Just leave us a message; we’ll get back to you.  We’re happy to answer any questions, and enjoy hearing how the weather is in your neck of the woods.

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