Customer Testimonials

"As you can see from the tooling on my saddle, it is 48 years old (made in 1960).  I've been using Skidmore's exclusively for at least 15 years.  The leather is soft and supple and maintains a great shine.  Looks pretty good for 48 years old, wouldn't you say?  After I took this photo, I took my saddle to a saddle maker to discuss putting new strings on it.  He couldn't believe the condition of the leather.  The tooling still looks great.  Other products can build up and you loose the definition of your tooling.  That doesn't happen with Skidmore's.  Thanks Skidmore's for making such a great product.  I look forward to many, many more years in this saddle thanks to you".

Cindy L.
Blue Ridge, Texas


Before and After

Dennis Conard


"Not one of the many so-called waxes and wood polishes come even close to Skidmore's. We find comfort in knowing we can recommend Skidmore's to all our customers."

Russell Thompson
Classic Wood Furniture
Denver, Colorado

"I want to congratulate you for producing a quality product in your Leather Cream. This is without a doubt the finest conditioner and water-proofer I have ever used. A friend and I were up about 11,000 feet in the mountains stuck in a 4-wheel drive. I shoveled deep snow for an hour before I realized that my feet were in 3 inches of water - they were completely dry!"

Bud Fuller
Salida, Colorado


"We went literally Skidmore crazy with your Woodfinish for 3 days, cleaning and polishing everything in our home, our friends' home, and our shop. The best things are 1. it's natural and smells great, and 2. it's EASY, EASY, EASY."

Sue Evans
Fargo, North Dakota

I have used your leather cream on almost every piece of tack, saddle, boots even a leather vest. THIS STUFF IS MAGIC.

 Over the years I have used nearly everything marketed and nothing compares with it. It softens leather and cleans it at the same time. I'll bet it softens Bailing Wire.

Dan E. Gary

Hello Vincent,

You need another label. "Clock case restorer"

I recently purchased a high end custom saddle from Tumbleweeds leather. I asked the saddle maker if he could recommend a good product to keep the saddle looking good. Without hesitation he told me to buy Skidmores. I ordered a gallon from you, and it is fantastic!

My hobby and passion is the restoration and collection of 19th century Black Forest Cuckoo clocks. Just out of curiosity I tried your product on a heavily carved Cuckoo clock made of linden wood, with inlay. I was astonished at the results. The clock retains it's old patina, but looks clean with a slight luster. These clocks being over one hundred years old, are typically  found with the wood being extremely dry. Your product actually penetrates the wood, and preserves it. Over the years I have tried countless products with varying degrees of success. Your product surpasses by far, all that I have tried.

I am in the process of posting on-line @ our Black Forest collectors group, and am suggesting that all the collectors try Skidmores. Thank you for producing a quality product that exceeds expectations! That is something rare in today's market.

Best Regards
Michael F. Jones
Hebron, Illinois


I purchased 2 jars of leather cream from Saddle And Tack warehouse One for my husband, who has a motorcycle and one for myself  for my horse tack.
My husband tried it first and he just raved about it, so last week I had a rainy day at the barn and decided it would be a good time to clean my tack.
WOW!!! was I ever impressed. Your product is easy to use and I was amazed at how quickly it lifted off the dried on dirt and sweat. I have used many leather care products over the 17 years of owning horses and I will give away any leftovers form other products This is the first time that I have ever written to a manufacturer of any kind of product.  I just had to let you know how thrilled I was with your leather cream

Regards, Wendy
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Hi Susan,

I'm really happy I tried your Leather Cream and Beeswax Waterproofing formula.  I treated a really nice, but well-scuffed black leather saddle, leather throttle grips and original saddle bags on a 1998 BMW R1200C "chromehead" motorcycle this weekend with both products.  Prior to treatment, the bags were in need of some TLC and elbow grease.  I only wish I would have taken before and after photos.  I was so pleased with the results, I treated every leather shoe in the house, our sorrel boots with leather tops and a couple of old gun slings. It's been raining since last Friday morning and my shoes just shed the water and keep looking good!   The results are phenomenal.  I also recommended your products to friends, Chuck and Donna Bray in Burlington, Kentucky who own Lookout Farms where they raise/show Tennessee Walking horses, give lessons and board horses.  They (and their customers) just might like how well your products perform and could benefit from their qualities.  Thanks!


Dave Bird  


I just wanted to write a few words of appreciation for your Leather Restoration Cream. Your product is as astonishing as it is versatile. At first I used it on leather shoes; very little of it breathes a new lease of life into all my dress shoes and old walking boots. Its so flexible and a little goes a long way. I can smooth it in and leave it for a casual matt look, or buff it for a glorious luster on my dress shoes. Anything leather gets the treatment including my moccasins and I always give soles a dose every now and then. I use it now in preference to polish (which I find dries leather out) and shoe creams (which don't give much of a shine and sometimes leaves speckles). It lasts a lot longer, keeping the leather buttery soft and supple and protected.

It works beautifully on leather belts and leather jackets as you'd expect, but I'm also using it on my pine wardrobe to give a glorious warmth and protection to the wood. I'm even thinking of having a go on cotton to create a wax jacket!

Amazing stuff. It must be one of my best discoveries in a decade and great value for money. I only wish it was more readily available (especially in large sizes) here in the United Kingdom! I could really do with a gallon!

Keep up the great work!



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